Dynamic Positions 2.0 The Digital Evolution

Dynamic Positions is pleased to announce the launch of their new website just in time for 2015!

Dynamic Positions 2.0 The Digital Evolution

In 2014 Specialist Recruiter Marc Hague join Dynamic Positions Ltd as a Director to bring the business and secure it’s foothold within the IT & Digital Markets. Marc commented:

“Having worked in IT & Digital recruitment for the past 5 years I have seen how quickly the digital landscape has evolved and how much the market has increased quite dramatically. Having witnessed the proliferation of this market first hand, I predict the next 5 years have even more exciting developments to come and a greater need for quality digital professionals. The opportunity at Dynamic Positions to create a strong foothold within the Digital and IT markets was one I simply could not turn down.

I bought into their genuine ethos and values and believe they will cement them strongly within whatever markets they operate in but I feel their flexible and commitment will lend themselves particularly well within the digital world. They’ve given me the freedom to implement ideas quickly and I am really pleased to have been able to completely re-develop the website as I felt this was really important. Like to say a big thank you to Sean Mullins at The Digital Specialists, in a matter of weeks in a consultative manner we completely overhauled the website to what it is now and I look forward to even more developments moving forward.”

The new website has been geared to promote a positive user experience and cater for the diverse sectors that we operate within but not creating biased towards one. There have been marked improvements around the search and job functionality. User can apply for jobs on our website and upload their CV but for those who are digital and social inclined they can apply using their LinkedIN profile. Social & Mobile Recruitment are becoming massive forces within recruitment and rather than ignoring them we want to embrace them at Dynamic Positions Ltd. Dynamic is about being flexible and quick to adopt those things that can enhance and better improve performance and success and we want this concept to be consistent through everything we do at Dynamic Positions.

Below is an interest infographic regarding social and mobile recruitment. With the new website we hope to be discussing the latest trends and topics within the recruitment and digital world. We’d love to hear your feedback so feel free to comment or share this across social media. Remember … Sharing is caring!




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