On a Global perspective the Oil & Gas industry has an excessively high requirement for new employees to meet the ongoing demand for skilled personnel. The recruitment and retention of multi-disciplined engineers therefore continues to be a major challenge for Oil & Gas companies. From inception, the Oil & Gas industry has remained a key target market, embedding our expertise and time, becoming a market leading recruitment supplier.

With the requirement for contractors increasing year on year, and companies facing increased costs to retain their staff, Dynamic Positions are very well placed to affectively support clients in meeting and overcoming these demands. Dynamic Positions goal is to always save time & money for business’s we engage with, approaching candidates that are passively or proactively on the market to ensure we offer the best possible candidate selection to our clients. As specialists within each individual Oil & Gas discipline, we are true experts delivering high calibre candidates matching the bespoke needs of our clients.

We work in partnership with a range of Operators, Independent Oil & Gas companies, Engineering – Service or Manufactures, Consultancies, and Contractors to ensure that we support their specific recruitment needs affectively, avoiding the risk of any potential delay. The business model that we apply to maintain and grow our client base is a simple one, we aim to work with a small percentage of business within each industry sector, our target being to supply no more than 20% of similar aligned business’s. Maintaining this model guarantees we have access to an extensive candidate pool, offering over 80% of the competitive market to our clients, thus ensuring we have a readily available candidate network offering both a reactive and timely response for all client resource requirements.