About Us

Why use Dynamic Positions as your consulting partner?

Dynamic Positions utilises over 25 year’s experience of delivering international bespoke recruitment solutions to global organisations. We offer a quality service that is unique, flexible, cost effective and impressive. Our priority is to create long term relationships with our clients – built on respect, trust and results. Our real value lies in our ability to deliver tangible top and bottom line value through strategic talent management programs and recruitment solutions; this is achieved by listening to the spoken and crucially the unspoken requirements of client companies.


Our Mission & Code of Ethics

Our mission is to provide exceptional service to our candidates and clients every time, offering tailor made solution that is bespoke and personal.

We are experts in the recruitment service provision for Technology, Energy, Logistics & Supply Chain and Manpower. Our objective is to be the market leader in recruitment services to our select markets.

Dynamic Positions core focus moving into 2015 is to increase our capability to offer clients and candidates access to contract and permanent employment solutions that fit their skillsets and future career aspirations.

Candidates & clients are at the heart of everything we do. We know, this is a simple standard to work to and doesn’t express our innovative mind set, however we believe that in certain aspects of business it is more powerful and impactful by remaining simplistic. No fancy words or fluff to fill the gaps, in which has almost become an industry standard and requirement that we feel clients and candidates wish to hear, we simply offer a genuine heart felt promise that is the core to how we function at Dynamic Positions. Our Ethical promise that we adhere to with everyone we engage with;

  • Honest, Open and Reliable – why would anyone work in any other way? These basic principles create long standing relationships
  • Always act with Integrity – maintain personal integrity which in return shall earn the trust of others
  • Respect – treat everybody with this
  • Promise – always keep a promise. We made one to you on engagement, we stand by this and would never break it
  • Loyalty – be loyal within the framework of other peoples ethics. We are all different and have varying principles, it’s important to remain conscious of this and adaptable, additionally showing respect
  • Fairness – maintain equal treatment of individuals, tolerance for and acceptance of diversity
  • Commitment to excellence – going that extra mile is what every service should strive to deliver
  • Accountability – maintain ethical quality for decisions and omissions to themselves, their colleagues, candidates, clients and companies.

Our Culture

Dynamic Positions mind-set is based on hard work,  and market intelligence with an added bonus of offering that a tight family feel, drawing on the expertise of experienced and committed individuals at all levels.

The company is run as a real meritocracy where everybody has a voice and input is encouraged by the business, deemed to be a key aspect to Dynamic Positions present and future success. We embrace and appreciate every idea, every inspiration and every individuals innovations. This assists us to continually evolve with the modern trends and challenges that is put before us in an ever growing market, this has additionally played a huge part in creating our own individuality.

We strive for every consultant at Dynamic Positions to set the standard within our industry. Regardless whether the consultant is new to the industry or experienced. Every individual is provided with a solid structure, regular training and a career map to progress and grow themselves in whichever direction they choose. Thus offering every opportunity to grow into a successful, yet ethical, recruiter. We encourage consultants to maintain their own natural style/personality with a Dynamic Positions twist, long gone are the days of recruitment robots. We believe a close personal relationship with both clients & candidates combined with a well-practised recruitment process is essential to providing an industry leading consultative experience.

Teamwork is of paramount importance at Dynamic Positions. Our teams work very closely together, whether it be sharing candidates, discussing new business opportunities or working on specific projects. Dynamic Positions prides its self on maintaining a tight family environment, taking advantage of every individuals strengths, supporting each other to ensure we provide a stand out service to both client & candidate.

Operating as a flat structure, communication is open and honest and we actively encourage communication between all levels of staff. The advantage to this structure offers a result driven environment as we encourage consultants to approach whatever level of management they require to achieve instant solutions, we don’t believe in creating unnecessary time delays by creating layers of escalation. We are a result driven business, simplistic can be the most effective way to achieve results in most scenario’s, however innovative and entrepreneurial approaches also offering opportunity to remain ahead of competition. Remaining adaptable and running a completely transparent business model where all members of staff maintain to be an integral part of Dynamic Positions future success and growth plans, working collaboratively to achieve our goals and aspirations.

Our Experts

People are at the heart of our business. Each individual within the Dynamic positions family are carefully selected specialists with the desire and hunger to be the best at what they do.

To take advantage of our recruitment specialist services to assist with any talent requirements regarding head count solutions, be it either project or BAU led we encourage you to make contact with us at the earliest possible opportunity. We can offer you the benefit to remove the added stress and heavy work load that comes with hiring additional head count. Working collaboratively together to achieve a timely and cost effective solution that best suits both client and candidates on an individual basis.

If you are looking for a new challenge or have aspirations outside of your current position to grow, we encourage you to visit the relevant technology job opening we are currently supporting our clients with.


Our performance

Dynamic Positions was founded in 2006. As most businesses we have been through a forever evolving journey, naturally offering varied challenges which have helped us become the adaptable and successful business that we are today. Despite challenging economic conditions through the credit crunch, sovereign debt crisis and recent double dip recession, Dynamic Positions continues to better its performance year on year.

In the coming years, our business plan is to increase the business at a steady and realistic rate of 25% YoY in top and bottom line metrics. We will remain committed to our core markets to continue our successes, which offer substantial growth opportunities for us. We strive to continue our growth on a Global spectrum as well as maintain our internal family environment, to which we regard to be equally as important in delivering an above and beyond expectations level of service to our clients and candidates.