Dynamic Positions (DP) is an international recruitment consultancy currently working under government licence in the UK, UAE, East Africa and the Sub-Continent.

One of the main sectors DP operates within is the Manpower sector. From its Dubai operation it has now been supplying Manpower for over 5 years and recruits many professions for its clients including security guards, construction workers, dock workers, cleaners, hospitality and drivers. DP has a large portfolio of prestigious clients in the UAE and these include

Dubai Ports World, Dubai World Security, Transguard, MBM, Dubai Coatings, the Kier Group, Emrill, the Wafi Group and Birmingham Metals to name but a few. Our service levels and particularly our stringent selection process is unrivalled, saving our clients time and money.

Our goals in the Manpower sector are quite straightforward. We want to keep the cost to the workers as low as possible, whilst delivering a first class work-force for the client. Currently we find due to our low fee structure we are approximately 50% cheaper for the workers than that of other agents in the industry. We pride ourselves on our interview to placement success rate, which is around the 80% mark. This is achieved through our thorough pre-selection process, where we have listened to our client’s requirements and provided only those types of candidates for selection at interview. This greatly speeds up the whole recruitment process and therefore saves not only time but money for all parties involved.