Permanent Solutions

Dynamic Positions have specialist permanent recruitment consultants within each of our industry sectors. Further to this all of our consultants are vertically aligned offering expert industry knowledge and insight to a specific and singular discipline. They work on mid to senior level placements, covering single vacancies as well as multiple requirements and complete team needs per client instruction. Our consultants work closely with their clients to understand the  exact requirements, ensuring a lasting fit for both client and candidate.

We take all candidates through a rigorous process to ensure they have the skills and experience for the job, and are a good cultural fit. Our consultants facilitate remuneration and benefits package negotiations and manage any related issues such as counter offers ahead of the start date. There can be multiple complexities if there is the additional need to relocate a candidate, we endeavour to offer as much local and in depth guidance as we can source in order to maintain a smooth transition.

If you’re looking to make a senior level or high profile appointment our senior consultants can conduct a specific search on your behalf. Encompassing additional candidate research, targeting and screening, we can be confident that we’ll deliver the right match for your individual business needs.

If you need assistance with a talent requirement please contact one of our consultants so we can support your needs. Alternatively go to the industry sector that fits your skillset and search through our current open opportunities and apply directly to any relevant jobs.

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